Rustic decor ideas for 2017

Rustic decor ideas

Here at Bamboo & Coconut we really like rustic décor, in this article we will be looking at our favorite rustic furniture and lighting ideas.

Rustic, farmhouse and industrial décor themes are growing in popularity every day; you can transform a whole house or apartment into something different. There are two ways of changing your home to a rustic theme, DIY or purchase ready-made furniture and lighting. Making your own rustic furniture is not as hard as it seems, pallets are an excellent source of wood for projects and old piping can be used for lighting fixtures. If you don’t fancy making the furniture yourself, there are plenty of options online or from local stores. Rustic furniture can be bought for as little as $50 and up to $3000 for bespoke designs.

One of the best ways to start the transformation of your home is to start with just one room and decorate it in a rustic style. We would start in a bedroom and a rustic bedroom set would be the first thing that we would purchase, these can cost anything from $500 to $2000. You can always build your own rustic bed from reclaimed wood for that true rustic décor look and have the pleasure of sleeping in a bed that you have made. Other items of furniture for a bedroom will include a chest dresser, chest drawers, cupboards and bedside tables, all of these are available from good stores or online.

rustic decor
Rustic bed

After transforming a bedroom, a dining or living room will be a good place to renovate. There are so many ways to decorate a dining or living room for the rustic look, one idea would be to start from the ceiling with a rustic chandelier made from wood, metal and glass. Rustic lighting can be a variety of different styles; the best examples have Edison style filament bulbs that give a warm amber glow of light. Aside from chandeliers, there are rustic table lamps and rustic wall pendant lighting that will complement the ceiling lights.

rustic decor
Rustic Edison lamp

Once you have finished with the lighting, the natural progression will be to add some rustic furniture like a rustic coffee table and a rustic sideboard. The walls will need to be painted in an earthy shade like creams, beiges and light greys. Wood flooring is an excellent way of the rustic theme for the floor instead of carpet; you can add a woven rug or maybe a bamboo mat to add extra details to the overall look.

rustic decor
Rustic coffee table

These are just a few ideas to transform a room in your home to look rustic or maybe rustic farmhouse look. There are plenty of rustic décor websites to see more ideas and concepts that you carry out on your home.


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