A review of bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets

Does anything feel better than climbing into a bed with new sheets? Well, maybe one thing. A bed covered in bamboo sheets. Yes, you read that right, bamboo sheets. These trendy new sheets are twice as soft as cotton. Even more comfortable to sleep on than a high thread count, Egyptian cotton and silk. Plus they have added health benefits too.

Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties. This means that folks with allergies, respiratory problems and asthma will all benefit from using bamboo sheets on their bed. You will breathe easier at night and get a better night’s sleep. Also being able to breathe easier will cut down on the amount of snoring. If you have a partner they too will sleep better at night.

The sheets are made with a special weave that make them highly absorbent. Perfect during the summer months or for anyone living below the equator. The twill weave also allows more air to flow through the sheets than the standard cotton. The sheets help absorb the amount of sweat you produce when you sleep. No more night sweats or waking up to change your pajamas. Plus, since bamboo has anti-fungal properties your sheets will not develop a stale smell over time.

You may notice a strong odor when you first open the package on your new sheets. Do not be alarmed. This odor comes from the natural smell of the bamboo. Just run the sheets through the washer and dryer before putting them on your bed. Another benefit of bamboo sheets is they get softer wash after wash.

You can buy your new sheets at most of the popular linen stores or online. The sheets come in lots of different colors and styles to choose from. You will find them available in all of the bamboo mattress sizes; twin, full, queen and king. You are sure to find a set to match any bedroom décor.

Everyone is going green these days. Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly and better for the environment. If this is important to you then these sheets are the perfect choice. Be sure to read the label on the package. Make sure it states that the sheets are made from organic bamboo.  Make sure it says they are made with a twill weave. And look to see if they are pre-shrunk or not. Unlike cotton sheets, pre-shrunk bamboo sheets will fit your mattress better. Plus they do not move and bunch up while you are sleeping.

Bamboo sheets
Bamboo sheets




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    I bought some bamboo sheets a few weeks ago and they are the most comfortable sheets that I’ve ever owned.


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