Why you should try bamboo sheets!

Why you should try bamboo sheets!

Here at Bamboo & Coconut we have been experimenting with different types of bedsheets to see which are the most comfortable and the coolest for hot nights. We previously did a bamboo v cotton test to see which fabric was the best for absorbency, softness and overall quality. Our comparison test favored bamboo and this is what we have found out about best bamboo sheets.

We decided to purchase a set of Cariloha bamboo sheets in King size for $199 from an online retailer. The first thing we noticed was a strong smell from the sheets, apparently all bamboo bedding has the same smell. The second thing we noticed was how soft the sheets were compared to cotton sheets. We decided to give the sheets a quick wash first of all and they dried out the smell was less noticeable. The first night sleeping on these bamboo sheets was going to be an interesting test!

I was expecting these sheets to be good, the price tag of $199 should justify a good night’s sleep. It was a warm night at 28c, the window was open, the fan running and no air con. We didn’t feel hot or sticky once during the night and the bed sheet stayed in place, unlike cotton bed sheets which used to move around all the time. The elastic that runs around the edges of the bed sheets kept the sheet firmly in place and the fit was perfect.

We purchased these bed sheets 3 months and have washed them regularly, the initial smell has gone, the sheets feel even softer and there is no musty smell like cotton sheets have a after a few months. A regular machine wash is fine for these sheets and then popped into the tumble dryer or hang outside to dry.

One of the prime benefits of Cariloha bamboo sheets is the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo and the fiber that is produced. This was the overriding factor to purchase bamboo sheets, if you suffer from any allergies, then these sheets will be beneficial to you. There was a noticeable difference during the warm nights and how our sleep was unaffected by waking up hot, this was a regular occurrence with cotton bed sheets.

There is big difference in price compared to cotton sheets or some of the other bamboo sheets you can buy, but we had heard so many positive reviews of Cariloha bamboo sheets that we decided to buy these. I definitely will not be going back to cotton sheets again, although we may buy another sheet set from another brand and compare them.

These sheets come in 3 sizes, Queen, King and California King with 5 shade variations, there are 100% bamboo rayon and 100% hypoallergenic. With this sheet set you get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases, there is a lifetime guarantee as well. If you shop around you may get these sheets cheaper and it is always worth reading more bamboo sheets review to get a good perspective on different brands and opinions.

We have some interesting articles coming up soon on our other favorite subject, coconut! So stay tuned and watch out for us on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Why you should try bamboo sheets!
Why you should try bamboo sheets!

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