Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is used in a variety of different items  from pillows, sheets, duvet covers, towels, underwear, t-shirts and even sanitary products. How do we get to bamboo fiber from the bamboo plant. The process starts with the leaves and stems beaten to a scarchy pulp and treated with alkaline hydrolysis then bleached, more chemicals are added to produce bamboo fiber!

The fiber is durable, stable and has a natural whiteness similar to bleached viscose and the fabric produced is 100% from bamboo pulp fiber. The bamboo fabric produced has a lovely soft feel to it, can be straightened and dyed easily, the colors produced are vibrant and clear.

Bamboo fabric
Bamboo fabric

Bamboo fiber features

Bamboo fiber and fabric is softer than cotton with a similar feel to silk or cashmere. Another interesting property of bamboo fiber is it’s moisture absorption and the fact that it’s double the absorbency of cotton. The fiber has much better ventilation than cotton aswell, this is what makes the fabric ideal to keep you cool. Products made from bamboo fiber are fully eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

The fiber has natural antibacterial qualities that stop bacterias in the bamboo fabric. Clothing made from bamboo fiber can absorb sweat very quickly and efficiently, it is this quality that makes the clothes or bedding perfect to keep you cool in the summer when it’s hot and humid. There is nothing worse than clothes sticking to you when you are hot or wearing clothes too loose to avoid them sticking to yourself.

The bamboo yarn has nearly 20% elasticity and even when it’s spun into fabric, it still has those properties and this can eliminate the use of elastic in clothes. Bamboo fabric needs less dye than cotton, viscose or polyesters, it seems the material can absorb dye faster and also produce better colors. Clothing made from bamboo is ideal for summer clothes due to it’s anti-ultraviolet properties, this is perfect for people wth sensitive skin who burn quickly, children and ladies who are pregnant.

Bamboo fiber
Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber products

Bamboo fiber can be made into a huge array of clothing including socks, underwear, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, trousers, swim suits, sweaters and hats. Just a quick search on the internet shows how many online stores have a full range of bamboo clothing for sale, this eco-friendly clothing is not just for eco-friendly people anymore!

Because bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties it is ideal for hygeine items such as masks, napkins, mattress covers and food packing bags. Sanitary items like bandages, surgical masks, surgical clothes, sanitary towels, gauze masks and absorbent pads can all be made from bamboo fiber.

Bamboo bedding items are hugely popular at present with bamboo sheets and bamboo pillows selling in vast number online and in the stores. Duvet covers, mattress toppers, towels and bath robes are all items that are made from bamboo fabric. There are many opinions on bamboo fiber and fabric products on the internet, a good and honest bamboo pillow reviews and bamboo bedding reviews is required before making a purchase on any of these bamboo products.

Bamboo pillow
Bamboo pillow

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